Yeast Rescue Treatment


Yeast Rescue Treatment
2 ozs.

Yeast Rescue Treatment

Intimate comfort for men and women.

CONTAINS: Olive Oil, Wildcrafted and Organic Jotoba, Calendula, Myrrh, St John's Wort Flowers, Essential Oils of Chamomile, Patchouli, Rosemary, Vitamin E, Bach Rescue Remedy.

  • Formulated by Linda Doby.
  • For topical use only. Simply apply Yeast Rescue to affected area three times daily or as needed for instant relief. For gals, also moisten a tampon with Yeast Rescue and insert then wash hands with soap and water. Designed for both men and women, we suggest that both partners use Yeast Rescue to end the cycle and prevent infection. Avoid intimate contact when symptoms are apparent. Reduce the amounts of sweets in your diet.
  • Cruelty free. Certified vegan. Really, really natural.