Sea Energy Agriculture

Sea Energy Agriculture
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Sea Energy Agriculture

Sea Energy Agriculture, Nature's Ideal Trace Element Blend for Farm, Livestock, Humans. By Maynard Murray, M.D.

Maynard Murray was a medical doctor who researched the crucial importance of minerals -- especially trace elements -- to plants and animals. Beginning in 1938 and continuing through the 1950's, Dr. Murray used sea solids -- mineral salts remaining after water is evaporated from ocean water -- as fertilizer on a variety of vegetables, fruits and grains. His extensive experiments demonstrated repeatedly and conclusively that plants fertilized with sea solids and animals fed sea-solid-fertilized feeds grow stronger and more resistant to disease.

Sea Energy Agriculture recounts Murray's experiments and presents his astounding conclusions. The work of this eco-ag pioneer was largely ignored during his lifetime, and his book became a lost classic -- out of print for more than 25 years. Now this rare volume is once again available, with a new forward and afterword by the founder of Acres U.S.A., Charles Walters.

  • 109 pages with index.