Peppermint Chai Tea, Org, CafFree


Peppermint Chai Tea, Org, CafFree
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Peppermint Chai Tea, Org, CafFREE

The word for Tea in many parts of the world is "Chai," a blend of black tea and spices that are brewed and then mixed with milk and sugar. This is a naturally sweet, organic tea. Each tea bag is foil wrapped for long shelf life and comes with 18 tea bags to a box.

For best flavor, Chai is prepared with milk or a non-dairy substitute but it can also be enjoyed just as well without it, hot or cold. Because organic chais are naturally sweet you can enjoy them without the extra calories of sugar or honey.

INGREDIENTS: Peppermint*, Cardamon*, Chicory*, Cloves*, Black Pepper*, and Stevia. *Organically Grown.