Pepper, Ground Black, Organic


Pepper, Ground Black, Organic
1 lb.

Pepper, Ground Black, Organic

Black pepper, as marketed, is brownish black wrinkled berries, available whole, ground and cracked. Black pepper has a characteristic penetrating odor, and a hot biting taste.

Use to flavor beef stew, Brunswick stew, chicken gravy, corned beef has, goulash, all Italian specialties, Spanish rice, Polish, summer, bologna, frankfurter, pork and liver sausages, French dressings, spinach, pepperpot and vegetable soups, barbecue sauce, dips and snacks, and much more. Use as a garnish on pickles, relishes, spiced meats and vegetables, salad dressings.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Black Peppercorns.

  • Kosher Parve