90 caps


OregaMax 100% Natural Maximum Strength Wild Herb. Strengthens immunity. Improves digestion. Strengthens bones.

OregaMax is the original wild oregano formula. It is handpicked wild from the Mediterranean mountains. This oregano known as biblical hyssop has been used since ancient times to support a healthy immune system, strengthen bones, and improve digestion. Research shows that wild oregano kills a variety of germs including yeasts. OregaMax is also ideal for infants, children -- even pets. For best results use OregaMax daily.

Supplement Facts

Servings size: 2 capsules

Servings Per Container: 45

Nutrient Amount

Proprietary blend: 1100 mg

Wild high mountain Oregano

Wild Rhus coriaria powder

Organic garlic powder

Organic onion powder

OTHER INGREDIENTS: (BSE free) Beef Gelatin Capsules.

  • Directions: take 2 or more capsules daily. For young children or pets open capsules and mix with food or drink.
  • Nonirradiated, Non GMO.