New Mama Tush Bath


New Mama Tush Bath
2 lbs.

New Mama Tush Bath

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An ancient Cherokee formula, this bath is designed to promote the renewal of delicate tissue during pregnancy, after delivery, anytime you wish to soothe the entire pelvic region.

  • CONTENTS: Endorsed by midwives as a time-honored blend of Sea Salt, Uva Ursi, Sage, Comfrey Root, Ginger, Myrrh, Garlic, Alkanet Herb, Chamomile, Shepherd's Purse, Goldenseal Leaf, Pure Essential Oils, Olive Oil.
  • Directions: No brewing necessary. Into a warm bath pour 1/2 cup New Mama and soak 20 minutes daily.
  • Folklore: Eases postpartum pain and bleeding, relaxes nerves, tightens cervix, draws toxins, repairs the tear, coagulates and soothes skin marks. Astringent. Antiseptic.
  • Certified vegan. Animals play no role in the development, production or testing of any of our products.