Millet, Organic


Millet, Organic
5 lbs.

Millet, Organic

Organically grown. Often used as baby food, this mild, digestible grain is often used by people on wheat free diets. It is creamy in color, round and small - about one third the size of a peppercorn. It is a complete protein and rich in lecithin & calcium. High in fiber.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1/2 cup cooked

Nutrient Amount

Calories 129

Fat 1.5 g

Carbohydrate 22 g

Dietary Fiber 2 g

Sodium 14 mg

Protein 5 g

  • May be eaten as a hot cereal, baked into bread or mixed with vegetables and baked in a casserole like rice or other grains.
  • Hulled. (Unhulled Millet is used as bird seed.)
  • Basic cooking instructions: 1 cup millet to 4 cups water, simmer 30 to 35 minutes,. Remove from heat, fluff, let sit covered for about 10 minutes.