Lotion to Go, Shea Butter, Unscented


Lotion to Go, Shea Butter, Unscented
12 x 0.6 oz tub

Lotion to Go, Shea Butter, Unscented

Lotion to Go, Unscented, Shea Butter, Organic. The Skin Moisturizer in a Stick. Purity.

Quality on-the-spot moisturizing. Put it where you need it. Perfect for dry hands, chapped elbows and cuticle care. Just "draw on" and rub in. Anywhere, anytime. Handy for travel, fits into purse or pocket to moisturize on the go. Feel the essence of purity at your fingertips.

INGREDIENTS: Certified Organic Beeswax , Certified Organic Safflower Oil (carthamus tinctorius), Certified Organic Shea Butter (butyrospermum parkii), Certified Organic Cocoa Butter (thobroma cocoa), Certified Organic Rosemary Extract (rosmarinus officinalis).

  • 100% Certified Organic Ingredients.
  • Each stick contains oodles of applications.
  • Preservative free. Paraben free.
  • No animal testing.