Lecithin Granules


Lecithin Granules
1 lb.

Lecithin Granules

This product is produced by Riceland Foods which named their product "Lecigran." It is deoiled lecithin. It is guaranteed to contain 97% phospholipid, the active portion of the lecithin molecule and are responsible for Lecithin's versatility.

Lecigran contains high levels of Choline in the form of Phosphaticyl-choline which is one of the most biologically available forms of choline as compared to other choline salts. One tablespoon of Lecigran Lecithin contains approximately 50% of the Recommended Daily Intake for this vitamin. It is an excellent source of Phosphatydyl-Inositol and Phosphatidyl-serine. Contains no cholesterol.


Relative Fatty Acid Composition:

Palmitic 20%

Stearic 5%

Oleac 9%

Linoleic 59%

Linolenic 7%

Phorous 3.0%

Nitrogen 1.0%

Potassium 1.2%

Calcium 0.07%

Magnesium 0.10%

Sodium 0.03%

Soya Tocopherols 500 ppm

Sterols 1000 ppm

Cholesterol 0 mg/100 g

Protein 0.0%

Calories 7.0/g

Ash 8.5 %

Iodine Value 85

Bulk Density 0.42 g/cc

  • These granules may be consumed directly as is or may be used in recipes or in combination with other foods.