Kiddie Calmer Sea Bath


Kiddie Calmer Sea Bath
20 ozs.

Kiddie Calmer Sea Bath

Well-in-Hand Crystal Comfort Kiddie Calmer Sea Bath. For a bedtime mind-set.

Crystal Comfort Kiddie Calmer Sea Bath is a uniquely gentle, mineral-rich, soothing soak to create a mind-set for sleepy time. Sprinkle into warm water and release the peace as your youngster plays in the organic sea. Our mineral-rich baths use no Dead Sea salts so as not to contribute to the shrinking of the dead Sea.

Formulated by Linda Doby so relief is Well-in-Hand.

INGREDIENTS: Contains only pure ingredients: Sea Salt, Baking Soda, Kelp, Spirulina, Pure Essential Oils.

  • Certified Vegan.