Colds & Flu Sea Bath


Colds & Flu Sea Bath
20 ozs.

Colds & Flu Sea Bath

Well-in-Hand Crystal Comfort Colds and Flu Sea Bath. Breathe!

Crystal Comfort Colds and Flu Sea Bath is a uniquely gentle, mineral-rich, spa-quality soak to help you breathe freely and get so sleep despite your winter miseries, even if it is summer time! Sprinkle into warm water and enjoy the organic herbs and pure essential oil vapors. Wrap up warm and cozy under the covers. Our mineral-rich baths use no Dead Sea salts so as not to contribute to the shrinking of the dead Sea.

Formulated by Linda Doby so relief is Well-in-Hand.

INGREDIENTS: Contains only pure ingredients: Sea Salt, Baking Soda, Kelp, Spirulina, Pure Essential Oils.

  • Certified Vegan.