Big "C" Formula


Big "C" Formula
8 ozs.

Big ""C"" Formula

INGREDIENTS: Extracts of the following herbs in a Vegetable Glycerine and Water Base: Licorice, Burdock, Red Clover, Stillingia, Poke Root, Cascara, Buckthorn, Prickly Ash, Kelp, Fleabane, Barberry, Echinacea, Rosemary, Sheep Sorrel, Oregon Grape.

  • Recommendation: Shake well before each use. As a food supplement 1/8 tsp..
  • Keep Refrigerated.
  • Rhea's herbal extractions are superior because the medicinal properties of the herb are extracted with a vegetable glycerine/water solution using a three part extraction. The first part is a cold process where the vitamins and enzymes are saved. The second part is a heat/pressure process where the other properties are pulled from the herb.
  • Rhea’s Herbs makes no claims of the healing power of their extractions; every condition is different, what works for some may not work for others. It is up to each individual to choose what they want.