Bath Crystals


Bath Crystals
12 x 1 lb.

Bath Crystals

Celtic Sea Salt brand whole salt Bath Crystals. Infuse your bath with more than 80 minerals from the ocean.

Add Celtic Sea Salt to your bath and experience the benefits of sea-salt-bathing. Celtic Sea Salt invigorates the water with minerals. Salt baths may soothe aches, pains and sore muscles.

Celtic Sea Salt is harvested by hand, no chemicals are added and no nutrients are removed.

Partial Analysis: Chloride (Cl) 52%, Sodium (Na) 31%, Magnesium (Mg) .45%, Sulfur (S) .36%, Potassium (K) .13%, Calcium (Ca) .12%, Silicon (Sl) .037%, Iron (Fe) .015%. Analysis by: E.S. Babcock & Son.

  • To use: Add 1 cup or more Celtic Bath Crystals to your tub. Expect some clay in your tub.